Intelligent Cloud Services

A next-generation iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service), reimagined for new hybrid data management challenges with a microservices architecture.

The cloud can drive innovation, uncover efficiencies, and help redefine business processes. But these benefits are only achieved when your cloud infrastructure allows you to integrate, synchronize, and relate all data, applications, and processes—on premises or in any part of your multi-cloud environment.

Intelligent Cloud Services is a next generation iPaaS, which is made up of a growing number of data management products. The productivity of the environment is accelerated by a common user experience across all products, the AI/ML-driven intelligence of the CLAIRE™ engine, and a microservices architecture.

High-performance ETL, ELT, ingestion, synchronization, and replication for a multi-cloud, hybrid world. Codeless, optimized, integration to hundreds of applications and data sources across on-premises and cloud.

✓ Connectors support any data type (structured, unstructured, or complex), any pattern (across batch, ETL, ELT, real-time, big data processing, APIs, events, and streaming) and advanced capabilities like PDO, change data capture, advanced lookups, partitioning, and error handling.

✓ Build simple to complex data integration loads using a mapping designer with out-of-the-box advanced data integration transformations.

✓ Use prebuilt task wizards to help replicate and synchronize bulk data, at scale. Perform a few simple steps focused on defining the source and target, and you can complete an advanced integration task without being an integration expert.

✓ Streamline high-performance transfer of enterprise data assets in file format, securely and at scale, from on-premises and cloud sources (such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob, or HDFS) to cloud-based data stores and warehouses.

✓  Orchestrate multiple data integration tasks and mappings, run them in a non-linear parallel fashion, and perform advanced exception handling and decision-making.

✓ Leverage the CLAIRE™ engine to understand the structure of complex files and automatically infer the appropriate processing model.

✓ Extract and transfer massive volumes of changed data from transactional systems into relational databases, avoiding redundancy by leaving all unchanged data alone.

✓  Search and discover enterprise-wide metadata from within Informatica Cloud Data Integration, import connections, and object metadata.

Reimagine your API, process, and application integration in a multi-cloud, hybrid world. Accelerate your business, drive innovation, and create efficiencies by intelligently connecting any app, any data, anywhere, at any speed.

✓ Use one tool for API creation, real-time data integration, and process automation.

✓ Publishing a process auto-generates REST, OData, or SOAP APIs. No need to worry about protocol details.

✓ In addition to enabling your database with OData v4 with a single click, you can expose it as a fully-fledged REST API-enabled database. Just download the auto-generated Swagger interface and you’re good to go.

✓ Develop REST and SOAP service API-based “service connectors” by importing Swagger or a WSDL definitions, by simply filling out a form, or by leveraging definitions on a GitHub repository. Our customers have already configured over 10,000 custom “service connectors.”

✓ Integrate message- and event-based systems, queues, and topics. Support for Kafka, JMS, AMQP, AWS SNS/SQS, Azure Service Bus, Azure Event Hub, and Salesforce Outbound Messaging or Platform Events is available.

✓ To bridge API, message, and event systems, publish event data to Informatica Cloud Integration Hub to propagate data at a latency and in formats that subscribers prefer.

✓ Leverage built-in support for stateless and stateful execution and one-way, request-response, or correlated asynchronous responses.

✓ Leverage existing source control systems for CI/CD and deploy distribution packages in a headless manner for your SDLC processes in the cloud.

✓ Use the Operational Insights Cloud Application Integration Dashboard depicting API, process, and connector execution metrics.

Reimagine your multi-cloud, hybrid integration with intelligent APIs. Connect your lines of businesses, customers, and partners to any app, any process, any data, anywhere, at any speed, with intelligent APIs.

✓ APIs you publish are automatically registered to the API Registry with one click.

✓ Offer APIs to consumer developers through an easy-to-access API Portal that includes a “try it” capability to promote broader use.

✓ Run your APIs in our cloud instances and on premises. Transparently connect your data, applications, and business processes to your API consumers—anywhere and at any speed.

✓ Quickly identify and analyze unauthorized API access attempts and policy exceptions.

✓ Deploy, activate, and secure APIs, with access to your partners, customers and lines of businesses.

✓ Get visual summaries of API analytics, such as usage trends, APIs with the most invocations, and frequent users.

✓ Customize the default API URL, assign IP filtering to APIs, manage APIs with version control, and shorten response times with API caching capabilities.

✓ Provide OAuth 2.0 support to extend existing authorization methods for API access.

Quickly onboard and manage partners with state-of-the-art partner integration. Cloud B2B Gateway helps you simplify EDI handling with comprehensive monitoring and tracking, as well as shorten partner onboarding cycles.

✓ Easily assign the relevant EDI and other messages that you wish to exchange with the partner and define the communication method.

✓ Parse complex non-standard data structures and generate a visual model for easier consumption.

✓ Get intuitive, end-to-end tracking and monitoring plus the ability to drill down for full error handling and error reporting when needed.

✓ Leverage comprehensive EDI flows that include prebuilt and preconfigured out-of-the-box mappings for EDI X12 and EDIFACT messages.

✓ Empower business partners by allowing them to track file exchange and send/receive files to or from your organization using secure HTTPs protocol.

✓ Easily manage and use SSH File Transfer Protocol server (SFTP server) to exchange files with partners.

Modernize integration with a high-performance, governed pub/sub data hub. Orchestrate complex data processing, enable self-service consumption of data, and decouple source and target applications with a modern data hub.

✓ Enable applications, services, and APIs to publish and subscribe data from the hub as needed.

✓ Support multiple data and application integration functions and tight integration with services within Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services.

✓ Automate delivery of data on mixed latencies, near real-time, or batch schedules—to all systems.

✓ Access custom mappings, transformations, and data workflows in the web-based, code-free designer.

✓ Build an interactive visualization of the relationships between publications, data topics, subscriptions, and connected applications with end-to-end metadata.

✓ View aggregated events, search and find historical events, and get rule-based notifications for any event.

✓ Jumpstart multi-point integration with prebuilt components and accelerators such as our Salesforce accelerator.

✓ Easily create topic data domains from existing connected applications and subscription tasks with self-service data integration task generation.

Accelerate time to value with a trusted view of master data managed in the cloud. Deliver exceptional customer experiences and optimize business processes with solutions that expand your MDM capabilities as your business grows.

Improve analytics, fuel data governance programs, and ensure your customer data is valid and accurate. As data volumes continue to grow and as regulations become increasingly complex and dynamic, your success depends on being able to easily access, understand, and use data across the enterprise. Enable business and IT users to quickly realize business value from trusted, clean, high-quality data with an automated, cloud-based Data Quality and Governance solution.

Protect sensitive and private data, improve compliance, and enforce use policies. Reduce the risk of data breaches, improve data security and compliance, optimize security investments, and support the enforcement of data privacy and use policies—non-intrusively and without application changes.

Efficiently ingest streaming big data, databases, and files with cloud-based services.

Today’s analytics systems are hungry for data. To get the most complete analytics results, you must start by quickly and accurately ingesting large amounts of information. Informatica’s cloud-based services efficiently ingest data into on-premises systems, cloud repositories, and messaging hubs like Apache Kafka so it’s quickly available for real-time processing. Plus, you’ll get support for streaming IoT and log data, large file sizes, and change data capture for databases.

Cloud-based serverless big data integration. The Cloud Data Integration Elastic service enables your IT organization to process data integration tasks without managing servers or requiring additional big data expertise.

✓ The Cloud Data Integration Elastic secure agent starts the cluster and automatically pushes the jobs to the cluster for processing.

✓ The Cloud Data Integration Elastic secure agent dynamically scales the cluster up or down based on demand and consumption.

✓ Monitor the cluster and the jobs through the administrative dashboard, including activity logs and lifecycle graphs.

✓ The advanced Spark serverless compute engine enables processing of large volumes of data with high concurrency.