DevOps & Application Modernization

Modernize your Legacy Apps assets with DevOps practices & Agile development

In the era of MicroServices and continuous DevOps pipelines, companies that develop software are trying to understand how they can make the most of their existing applications by modernizing them or replacing them, while also revolutionizing their development process.

DevOps and Application Modernization is a journey with endless capabilities, that should be tailor-made to each organization’s infrastructure, expertise and business plans relative to the evolution of their application assets.

SYNTAX helps organizations that develop software in several ways that include:

✓ Build and deploy a secure DevOps pipeline, by helping our customers to adopt new technologies and practices

✓ Enable companies to evolve their existing Legacy applications development practices, by adopting modern DevOps initiatives and tools for their Legacy platforms

✓ Enable companies to fully modernize Legacy applications and migrate / deploy the on current platforms like Java/.Net, potentially using MicroServices architectures

DevOps is


Secure DevOps Consulting Services

For companies that wish to modernize their existing development practices and move to the MicroServices or Secure DevOps era, SYNTAX offers consulting services that provide for the setup of a secure DevOps pipeline, along with mentoring on how to convert existing monolithic systems to a MicroServices architecture…

DevOps Practices in Legacy App Development

Building a new MicroServices based application with DevOps practices in place is a challenge on its own, but it can get bigger when existing legacy platforms should become part of the DevOps pipeline. Modern DevOps practices are largely based on open source solutions that proliferate the market today…

Legacy Systems Modernization

Legacy modernization refers to the conversion, rewriting or migration of a legacy system to a modern and open infrastructure or hardware platform. Legacy Modernization solutions aim to retain and extend the value of the legacy investment through migration to new platforms in order to benefit from new technologies…