Application Lifecycle Management

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is the specification, design, development and testing of a software application.

ALM covers the entire lifecycle from the idea conception, through to the development, testing, deployment, support and ultimately retirement of systems.

Aldon LMi streamlines your entire development workflow and establishes repeatable, automated change management and compliance processes. It helps you improve productivity and efficiency by automating and managing everything that happens in the software development lifecycle from the time a change request is received until the time the solution is delivered into production.

✓ With Aldon LMi, IT teams can quickly and consistently adhere to internal audit and regulatory compliance standards in parallel with the software development process. They can configure system-enforced process flows to ensure that components automatically pass through the defined phases, and that company policies and government regulations are enforced.

✓ Highly granular configurations for user permissions and development environments support segregation of duties throughout the software development lifecycle. Aldon LMi reduces the administrative burden on developers by logging all actions and automating compliance requirements. This lets IT staff focus on what they do best: developing quality applications to solve customer problems.

Software Change and Configuration Management for Agile development.

✓ Allows for collaborative parallel development to minimize rework, visualize and reduce conflict, and lower risk while improving team velocity and throughput.

✓ Preserves the integrity of known baseline configurations, simplifies rollback and recovery, streamlines approval, and maintains integrity when automating builds and deployments.

✓ Provides a single repository while supporting developer tools of choice.

✓ Identifying issues earlier in the lifecycle saves considerable time and effort. CM allows issues to be identified as soon as a code commit occurs via Pulse. CI build, unit test and code review all drive shift left actions.

✓ Features integration with developer friendly repositories and IDEs (such as Git, IntelliJ, Eclipse and Microsoft .net), detailed auditing and logging, and immutable versioning and history.

✓ Minimizes the preparation and effort required for audits and regulatory compliance with comprehensive and tamperproof history and audit trails.

Software change, configuration, and release management for z/OS.

✓ Enterprise Release Option (ERO) simplifies the maintenance of multiple release processes, if you have complex and massive release management processes

✓ Bringing together all affected artifacts simplifies mainframe development.

✓ ChangeMan ZMF tracks every change you make. Tracking helps you catch problems early, when they are easier to fix.

✓ Extend the power of ChangeMan ZMF by adding the Client Pack. To take full advantage of your mainframe development resources, the ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack provides multiple client interfaces.