Legacy Systems Modernization

Legacy modernization refers to the conversion, rewriting or migration of a legacy system to a modern and open infrastructure or hardware platform.

Legacy Modernization solutions aim to retain and extend the value of the legacy investment through migration to new platforms in order to benefit from new technologies.

Micro Focus Enterprise Server

Execute mainframe COBOL and PL/I workload on your platform of choice. Establish a fit-for-purpose, cost-efficient deployment model through application rehosting. Move or replicate existing mainframe workload to distributed, virtual or cloud environments.

✓ Micro Focus Enterprise Server provides an execution environment to deploy fit-for-purpose mainframe workload on Linux, Windows, Unix on virtual, Docker containers, or hybrid clouds environments.

✓ Enterprise Server enables mainframe applications to run with minimal change in your chosen environment.

✓ Dramatically reduce batch cycle execution times by taking advantage of modern, distributed and lower cost processors.

✓ Enterprise Server delivers support for a security capability, to enable the reuse of existing mainframe security rules for authentication and application level authorization.

✓ IT organizations can innovate faster by reinvesting existing IT budget into new initiatives and rapidly deploying core business workload to new environments to meet new business requirements.

✓ Enterprise Server has enabled some organizations to slash ongoing IT operational costs by up to 90%.

Micro Focus Enterprise Developer

Enterprise Developer is an IDE for offloaded development of mainframe applications that can leverage Eclipse and Visual Studio to offer a superior and productive development experience to mainframe developers. It enables mainframe teams to modernize Z Systems applications easily and rapidly.

It offers unrivaled efficiency for continuous mainframe application development, allowing developers to:

✓  Create agile COBOL and PL/I development environments to deliver faster, with higher quality, applications, whether on premise or on the cloud.

✓  Deliver mainframe application development projects up to 40 percent faster through modern tools integrated with Visual Studio and Eclipse.

✓  Instantly address skills gap concerns between mainframe COBOL and distributed Java or C# developers with a unified modern IDE powered by Eclipse or Visual Studio.

✓  Improve application maintenance and development efficiency with access to a modern IDE, smart editing and debugging, instant code compilation, and testing – on or off the mainframe.

✓  Enable your developers to easily adapt mainframe applications to work with .NET, Java, web services, REST-based APIs and cloud platforms.

✓  Remove bottlenecks and escape silos by enabling mainframe and distributed teams to deliver new release faster, using Agile and DevOps practices at enterprise scale.

Rocket LegaSuite

Use Rocket LegaSuite to develop rich web and mobile user experiences quickly and easily for your host-based applications, increasing user satisfaction. Eliminate the time and risk of replacing proven applications and starting from scratch. Instead, use LegaSuite to continually modernize your secure, tried-and-true applications for present and future needs, and stay ahead of the competition.

✓ Today’s customers expect digital experiences that connect them directly with your organization. But transforming host-based applications into agile web and mobile experiences can be difficult, expensive, and risky. Rocket LegaSuite enables you to reuse your reliable host-based application code to create new web and mobile applications, vastly reducing the cost, duration, and risk of scrapping the applications that run your business and building replacements from scratch.

✓ While updating a host application’s user experience is just one part of a comprehensive modernization approach, it is one of the most important ways you can reduce costs and increase productivity. An intuitive interface means fewer training requirements, faster onboarding, and lower training costs. It also means that users can get more done in less time. Call center staff, for example, get up and running faster because the interface and navigation is familiar and intuitive, leading to increased revenue, fewer mistakes, and improved customer satisfaction.

✓ For your users, navigating counterintuitive green screens can be a challenge, making training more difficult, taking a bite out of productivity, affecting morale, and even increasing employee turnover. Use LegaSuite to create new user experiences from your host-based applications that are easy to learn and navigate, leading to improved user satisfaction and loyalty.

Rocket API

Rocket API helps organizations deliver intuitive web and mobile applications by making it easy to transform rigid, green screen based workflows into outstanding user experiences. With Rocket API, you can enable real-time access to critical business functions from virtually any application at a fraction of the time, expense, or risk normally associated with modernization projects.

✓ Create APIs from multiple sources for a better user experience

✓ Engage your audiences with new web and mobile applications

✓ Minimize the time, expense, and risk of API creation

✓ Easily deploy, manage, and secure your APIs

Micro Focus Enterprise Analyzer

Application Analysis for z/OS and open platforms

Intelligence and analysis technology that provides insight into core processes. It delivers a wide array of tools and content to support better application understanding.

✓ Ease of use improves enables even new joiners to become instant experts, increasing effectiveness and confidence when making code changes.

✓ Isolate business logic into reusable components and helps re-architect systems, eliminating low-quality and redundant code.

✓ Manage complex application portfolios that include hundreds of millions of lines of code.

X-Analysis Advisor

Your entire organization can benefit from the valuable information in your RPG and COBOL applications. Developers will benefit from the technical features: code quality metrics, drilldowns through the call structure, business rule extraction, application areas, etc. But X-Analysis Advisor automatically analyzes your entire system and produces a wide variety of charts online or for export to Word, Visio or PDF, so everyone in the organization can easily access vital information.

✓ Gain valuable insight into code quality through industry-standard metrics.

✓ Extract business rules into pseudo code or plain English for use throughout the organization

✓ Automatically generate charts that can be viewed online or exported to Word, Visio, etc.

✓ Quickly view all potential consequences of a code change in your system.

✓ Subdivide applications according to user-defined criteria to focus effort

✓ Use a relational working model to support IT and the business

X-Analysis View

Application Analysis for iSeries

With X-Analysis View, you will be able to understand the impact of code changes across all your applications and make those changes with confidence. This results in better development, faster testing, and greatly reduced risk. X-Analysis View shows you where to focus testing efforts so you can move projects forward quickly. It also allows you to onboard new developers faster as they can quickly navigate applications by seeing a high-level graphical view of them.

✓ Confidently make large, complex code changes to your IBM i applications. Understand the impact across all your applications and data sources.

✓ Gain in-depth detail about the cascading effects of change throughout your environment and know where to focus testing efforts. See which objects would be impacted by a change.

✓ Automated graphical documentation and data flow diagrams let you display RPG as pseudo code, view the call stack, and quickly find information about object use, access, and parameters.

✓ View detail right down to the source code, trace variables through multiple layers, and browse from anywhere. Quickly gain a complete understanding of your applications.

✓ Track “where used” information throughout the entire application or database. Track variables through all iterations and associations, highlight every object affected by a change.

✓ Get a deeper understanding of your business with relational data models of your IBM i application databases. Automatically extract the data models from DDS, DB objects and other sources.