Secure DevOps Consulting Services

For companies that wish to modernize their existing development practices and move to the MicroServices or Secure DevOps era, SYNTAX offers consulting services that provide for the setup of a secure DevOps pipeline, along with mentoring on how to convert existing monolithic systems to a MicroServices architecture.

Moving to a MicroServices architecture that is driven by DevOps is often a tedious journey for organizations that are operating with legacy technologies and monolithic systems. In the era of cloud computing however, organizations are under pressure to deliver business and customer value far faster than before. To do that, enterprises and independent software vendors are taking their legacy software development practices to the next level with DevOps and microservices.

How DevOps Works with Microservices

Microservices enable DevOps teams to develop independent pieces of functionality in parallel. Instead of moving code from one type of specialist to another (e.g., development, testing, production), cross-functional teams cooperatively, build, test, release, monitor and maintain the applications.

To speed processes and reduce manual errors, DevOps teams building microservices take advantage of automated continuous delivery pipelines that enable them to experiment with new features in a safe and secure way, as well as recover quickly from failures.

To ensure product quality, continuous testing is added to continuous integration and continuous delivery (or deployment). Achieving continuous quality involves more than testing. Specifically, it includes other elements of quality such as security, alignment with user requirements, business risk mitigation and measured value.

The independent nature of microservices helps DevOps teams accomplish more in less time. Unlike monolithic software where errors can cause the entire application to crash, a microservice defect tends to be limited to that microservice. However, a microservice failure can put other microservices “under stress” which may mean that other microservices are unable to communicate with the microservice that failed.

The modularity of microservices enables incremental releases which is a goal of DevOps. Together, microservices and DevOps:

Accelerate Innovation

Reduce Errors

Improve Product Quality

More Productive Teams

Reduce Software Development Costs

Drive Higher Levels of Business Value

SYNTAX expertise on modern DevOps practices and tools, along with a deep understanding of Legacy systems, their architecture and value to any organization, allows us to help any company that wants to embrace DevOps in a controlled and secure manner. Our engineers can help you deploy a wealth of open source tools like Git, Jenkins, automated testing frameworks, Docker, Kubernetes, etc., while at the same time solve tricky problems when a legacy system should be included in the DevOps pipeline, by providing the necessary commercial solution.