Digital Trust

Enable your digital transformation by providing confidence on your business partners and customers for effective management of digital risks in people, technology, operations, and processes.

Corporate data moves continuously within and outside of the organization’s boundary. Teleworking, business partnerships and mobility makes controlling of how sensitive information is being accessed and moved into cloud applications a major challenge.

Combining data protection, encryption, authentication, and identity management calls an innovative Information & Infrastructure strategy to allow your organization to control policies seamlessly, as data moves from multiple systems to multiple devices and users, and everywhere in-between.

Data Loss Prevention, Classification and Encryption: with a strong track record of successful projects across the globe, our Team can drive your organization towards a successful, end-to-end, information protection program to enable you identify, classify, monitor and protect your data usage, reducing risk and demonstrating compliance,

Electronic Signatures: provide trust to your business transactions by automating the exchange of important documents, enable digital signing and reduce time, costs, and effort: delivered as a service for any device type, without the need to install purpose built hardware and software, or perform changes to your infrastructure,

Email and Web Security: protect against the main attack vectors by securing email and web access with transparent mechanisms that provide strong controls while enabling mobility and remote working,

Zero Trust Access: harness the benefit and power of the cloud without unnecessary risks, by establishing trust in every access request, securing access across your applications and networks, and extend this trust to support complex transactions across your partner ecosystem.

Privileged user accounts (administrators, devices, applications, and other types of users) are high value targets for cyber criminals and require special protection to minimize risk in critical business operations. With a Privileged Account Management solution, your organization will have complete control on several areas, such as:

Manage administrator passwords: PAM provides a secure vault for all passwords protected by encryption, while also providing a randomly generated password for the data being accessed,

Secure privileged passwords: generate random passwords or rotate the current password set, manually or automatically, so that when a user requires access, a new password is generated each time,

Demonstrate compliance: PAM can record session and generate reports on multiple privileged transactions performed within the enterprise, offering the necessary evidence to maintain and demonstrate compliance,

Manage non-employee access: as business landscape changes and access to trusted third parties for maintenance and updates of specific systems becomes the norm, a PAM system enables you to provide access and monitor third party access,

Detect multiple access: A PAM system detects and then grants targeted and separate access if more than one person enters the system, helping identify legitimate and non-legitimate access requests,

 Manage privilege creep: as time passes, users and applications acquire unnecessary privileges for performing the same tasks, resulting in granting unnecessary permissions. A PAM system helps your organization control privilege creep, as it enforces the minimum permissions needed to perform an access operation,

Control multiple access point requests: as the number of users requesting access from multiple laptops, phones and tablets is growing a PAM system can help your organization secure access requests from local and non-local devices.

A complete set of services providing identity protection, risk based & multifactor authentication, advanced malware protection, information protection and loss prevention, endpoint & mobile management and security operations management, without the need to install purpose built hardware or perform changes to your infrastructure.

Using our Security as a Service (SecaaS), built on Microsoft’s 365, your organization can have the following benefits:

Protect against Ransomware,
Protect against phishing,
Control information sharing,
Control and Secure endpoint devices,
Prevent, detect, respond, and remediate advanced threats.

DevSecOps is the discipline of applying security from the early stages of your application software delivery lifecycle, to make sure that effective security controls will be continuously applied, resulting in a more secure business application.

When security becomes an integral part of every step of the development process, DevSecOps can help your organization in:

Greater speed and agility for security teams,
An ability to respond to change and needs rapidly,
Better collaboration and communication among teams,
More opportunities for automated builds and quality assurance testing,
Early identification of vulnerabilities in code,
Team member are freed to work on high-value work.

Our team offers a wide variety of tools to strengthen security across your CI/CD pipeline, including:

✓  Container Vulnerability Scanning: seamlessly and securely enable DevOps processes by providing visibility into the security of container images, including vulnerabilities, malware, and policy violations, through integration with the build process,

Secure Code Analysis: Static Application Security Test (SAST), Dynamic Application Security Test (SAST), Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST), Interactive Application Security Test (IAST) and Open Source Security (OSS) tools to eliminate potential exploits at the code level,

Cloud Workload Protection: automate workload security, providing discovery, visibility, and protection against advanced threats in your cloud workloads.