Business competence depends on the quest of knowledge, the adoption of best business practices and the implementation of IT innovation, an element that is not necessarily within the mainline of the organization’s core business. The recruitment of permanent staff to address special or temporary needs, hides serious risks and weaknesses, that are difficult to leverage with relevant investments.

Some factors of Permanent Recruitment of experts versus Managed and/or Outsourced Expert Services that should be considered are: Time to respond, Permanence of need, Transfer of industry skills & practices, Failure to deliver, Future obsolescence of knowledge, Legitimate absences, Impact on dismissals, Problems in human behavior, HR surplus, cost & ROI.

SYNTAX is a reliable provider of expert services that enrich the competence of these organizations. We provide on demand, managed and outsourced services. You can cover spontaneously your expert needs in an effective, agile and risk-free way on a justified cost.

We hire our consultants and IT engineers with strict criteria based on their academic background, experience, professional competence, industry skills and character. From the very start of their employment, we invest on their lifelong professional education, development of skills and industry certifications.