Applications Lifecycle Management

” Meet customer’s demand in the face of constant change with a truly optimized approach “

SYNTAX solutions for Application Lifecycle Management comprise of a complete set of best practices, technologies and services that will allow you to effectively manage the entire aspects of ALCM. From Business Requirements Capture, Analysis, Definition and Design, to Development, Testing, QA, Release and Automated Deployment, we enable the delivery of quality software applications in time and on budget.

SYNTAX enables Applications Managers to manage the frantic pace of change, driven by mobile, cloud and the rise of the Digital Consumer Age that is introducing new levels of complexity and often forces organizations into more fragmented ways of working.

SYNTAX innovative technology solutions will enable you to transform traditional software development tools and processes to create an optimized software supply chain, giving your organization a unique competitive advantage. Our experts can help you manage the constant change and deliver the applications your internal and external customers need at an unprecedented scale and pace.

SYNTAX solutions will enable the active collaboration between your business and IT departments that is paramount to the success of application development and delivery and ensure that the original intentions of the business goals are achieved. The end client will be able to fully realize and validate the application specification and ensure that the applications are fully functional and perform to their business quality standards and satisfaction.

Successful software development teams focus on creating a ‘software supply chain’ delivery process built upon 4 key elements.

Applications Lifecycle Management:

Learn how Test Management helps you to prioritize testing according to your business needs for faster delivery.

Compare quality-tested components to the original business specification, which minimizes rework and stakeholder dissatisfaction.

Test early, include more stakeholders, and maximize productive development.

Remove change control issues that cause missed deadlines, slipped customer commitments and reputational risk.

Empower productivity and visibility across global teams and partners.

Overcome the inconsistencies between what’s needed and what’s finally delivered.

Implement a specification for the whole team to reference, which embraces change from the outset.

Learn how Agile requirements management enables you to align requirements with business needs to bring precision to your software delivery.

Remove manual intervention, as much as possible, and reduce error-prone activities for any Software Build and Deployment activity by utilizing technology that allows for zero-touch build and deploy tasks across the enterprise.