Enterprise Business Intelligence & Analytics

” Get Business Meaningful Analytics at a glance and on the spot “

Data represent one of the most crucial assets in today’s organizations. But to turn data into useful information, you need a platform that provides all the capabilities necessary to build and deploy analytics and mobile applications that transform and accelerate business.

MicroStrategy™ is the leader platform for:

  • Agile Centralized BI provisioning
  • Governed Data Discovery
  • Extranet Deployment
  • OEM & Embedded BI
  • Decentralized Analytics

With SYNTAX solutions organizations can deploy scalable Business Intelligence platforms that provide from self-service up to enterprise-wide BI and drive informed business decisions.

Enterprise B.I. & Analytics: dmba@syntaxitgroup.com

Empower everyone with analytics. With intuitive, user-friendly tools for data discovery, data visualization, data wrangling, advanced big data analytics, and more, MicroStrategy gives every user, regardless of technical skill, the ability to find the answers they need—whether it’s via web, mobile, or desktop.

Extend existing applications to mobile devices and empower employees wherever they are, from the back office to the field. Leverage code-free development tools to build transaction-enabled analytics apps that transform how your employees work.

For the first time, you don’t have to go looking for insights—they come to you. With HyperIntelligence™, zero-click insights are now available everywhere, all the time, for everyone. Transform your business with a new approach to analytics.

Deploy digital credentials to manage, protect, and optimize enterprise assets, resources, and devices.

Digital identity allows you to tap into the full power of MicroStrategy analytics to deliver personalized and context-based experiences that will transform your business.

MicroStrategy offers a powerful platform that empowers individuals across the enterprise, by leveraging a centralized platform architecture with governed analytics. Administrators will find value in the object reusability and tools for migrating, validating, and monitoring usage across the entire enterprise. See what makes MicroStrategy the most comprehensive data analytics platform with the lowest TCO.

Spin up your analytics environment in a matter of minutes with MicroStrategy on AWS or Azure.

Tap into maximum flexibility and speed by deploying MicroStrategy analytics on the world’s leading cloud infrastructure that offers hosting in locations all over the globe.