Metadata Configuration Management

” Release Apps faster & avoid the risk of failure & service degradations “

In today’s competitive and ever-changing business environments Applications Continuous Delivery and Metadata Configuration Management is more important than ever before.

As we get application releases from dev to testing and then to production more frequent, we need new code, the right “settings” for the right environment and the right release which comes down to configuration data. With the emerging power of microservices and the agile way of working, we need reliable and controlled access to those data at any time.  The future is digital and, in the cloud, and everybody agrees the cost of failure is now the difference between surviving and thriving!

Configuration data are all the kind of settings that are required to deploy, to manage and to operate a specific application release in a specific environment along the Continuous Delivery pipeline. All those settings can be grouped into 4 categories: application, release, environment and infrastructure. Each category of data is typically owned by different roles and responsibilities in the organization, however at “run time” everything needs to come together.

You probably already use a distributed source code management (SCM) platform like git or bitbucket.  You’ve invested in automated testing of your code and you’ve thought about automating the deployments from DEV to TEST to PRODUCTION.

However, with the increase of CI/CD automation in the market, comes the risk of rapidly breaking application environments. The more we automate the less there is “human validation”, but without rigorous testing and validation sooner or later failure will happen.

But how do you manage, test and validate all the configuration data and settings that go with it?

SYNTAX can help you implement SWEAGLE™, the state-of-the-art technology that automates configuration data management and the challenges that come with it.  Now you can introduce a non-intrusive automated process, which will allow your DevOps teams to release more often and faster, whilst at the same time reducing the risk of failure and service degradations.

SYNTAX will enable you to:

  1. Reduce Cost: Automate manual labor-intensive preparation & review.
  2. Increase Agility: Remove bottlenecks to get more releases faster into production.
  3. Prevent Errors: Automate catching broken configuration data & breaches before they are even applied.
  4. Get Absolute Readiness: Industrialize today to be ready for tomorrow with 100x.


Metadata Configuration Management:

SWEAGLE™ software that makes data actionable

SWEAGLE turns the data into machine readable, “ready to use” data, consumed through a secure API. Terraform yaml, Ansible dynamic inventory, full resolved config file templates.  SWEAGLE offers it out of the box.

Furthermore, with SWEAGLE you can implement custom mappers that will feed your data directly into your own, custom applications even if they don’t follow a more standardized protocol.

SWEAGLE can automatically collect your configuration data from a wide variety of sources and formats, like XML, JSON and others. In addition, other tools can directly inject config data through our API.

SWEAGLE is a lot more than just a database for metadata. SWEAGLE can consolidate data, structure the data, identify duplicates and apply standardization and maps it into a single “full picture” graph-based data model. SWEAGLE has an open library of configuration data types to expedite the automatic discovery.

One of the most valuable features of SWEAGLE and arguably the most needed one, to keep a well maintained and fine-tuned production line, is the live validation of your data. SWEAGLE can validate your data, automatically detect broken config data settings before they are consumed by other tooling systems and stop what would end up in a broken deployment, earning a lot of time in debug and operational recovery. SWEAGLE applies technical, functional and compliancy validation checks upon every change on a set of configuration data.

Like in code version control systems, in SWEAGLE we follow the same principles and every change can be tracked and controlled, while any conflicts can easily be resolved. Powerful analytics will provide insights both on the status of your data but also on the evolution of them. A strong compare functionality will provide you with all the information that you will need in case a debug session is needed between two releases.

Finally, our new feature capabilities will incorporate strong Machine Learning algorithms to apply structures on your data that will further improve the standardization of your data, reduce the possibility of mistakes and, capture a probable problem before it even happens.