Casewise 4ERP SAP Process Automation System in SE Europe

Athens, 4th May 2011


SYNTAX, Casewise certified partner in South Eastern Europe, has announced the commercial availability of Casewise4ERP which enables organisations quickly, easily and, above all, automatically, map their entire SAP implementation onto true process flows and hierarchy diagrams, affect any changes and then, equally seamlessly, send those changes back to their SAP installation for implementation.

Large organisations, are constantly seeking new ways of reducing costs, improving organisational and operational efficiency and addressing their ever-changing business needs and customer requirements.  And, for organisations with SAP installations, this is a constant battle, fought with inadequate tools and with unjustified mounting costs. It is this situation Casewise4ERP comes to solve, by enabling almost a seamless integration between its globally acclaimed process modelling system and any SAP installation.

Casewise4ERP empowers organisations to centrally connect and correlate their processes with their people, their technology and all other aspects of their organisational and operational infrastructure and manage them centrally, thereby reducing and time and, more importantly, costs frequently associated with SAP upgrades, migrations and even mergers.

Both SAP and business process analysts are provided with simple, integrated and easy-to-use interfaces which allow them to focus on their specific needs while, all the time, more technical staff, such as enterprise architects and programmers have the power, information and coordination to effectively and efficiently manage the whole SAP installation at a more granular level.

In effect, what Casewise4ERP offers the modern organisation is what Gartner calls the “Triple Crown” – Saving Time, Saving Money and Increasing Value.

“As many organizations are discovering, it is becoming more critical to operate from a single source of truth, and bringing SAP systems in from the cold is a major step forwards” comments Alexandre Wentzo, Casewise CEO.  “Our clients have benefited from our ability to help them deal with architectural and business transformation for many years and we are confident that more and more SAP users will learn just how much easier their life can be.” For more information please email:  or call: +30 210 654 3100

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