Message from the President

Chairman of SYNTAX IT Inc.

Dear guest,

The foundation of a business partnership between a customer and a provider is summed up in dealing justly. Below, I state our business concept with the expectation that it is aligned with yours. 

The operations and business development of large organizations and enterprises are based on a bundle consisting of the utilization of existing investments and knowledge, the implementation of innovative technology and best practices, the optimization of complex business processes and the cooperation of people.

In the rapidly evolving business environment, the optimum utilization of business resources, such as Knowledge and Information Technology and Digitalization, demands continuous improvement, reengineering, development and increased budgets. In a highly competitive economy, the time to market new products is compressed and the tolerance of technical, commercial or financial failure is practically prohibited.

Additional areas of concern, with a consequent increase of costs, include the compliance with new national and international regulations and laws, and the management of information security and risk. The agility of enterprises to evolve in this complex digital environment is a vital prerequisite for business continuity and progress.

The ability of an enterprise to utilize innovative, lean technologies and best practices, reduces operational costs, increases effectiveness and optimizes customers’ satisfaction that is vital for differentiating in the market and retaining the competitive advantage.

When deciding on implementing new technologies and best practices, compliance and interoperability with existing and future investments, cost justification, in-time and on-cost delivery, operations management, service level assurance, maintenance and support, ROI and transparency, are prerequisites for the approval.

In SYNTAX, we approach your needs with a top-down approach, focusing on the business value that our services and products can provide to you. We select our solutions with the highest criteria of technology innovation, vendor credibility and compliance with the above-mentioned prerequisites. Our consulting services focus on excellence of quality and ROI.

Our business progress is based on the foundation of trust and long term partnership with you and is dependent on our ability to contribute to your success with effective implementations of innovative systems and industry best practices that assure business value and pave your road to prosperity.”

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

Very truly yours,

Nicholas Afxentiadis
Chairman of the Board