SYNTAX New Partnership with Rocket Software

Athens, February 25th 2019

SYNTAX I.T. Group™ is pleased to announce its partnership with Rocket Software®, a global leader in DevOps, Legacy Modernization & Infrastructure software. SYNTAX will provide and support enterprises with Rocket Software solutions in Greece, Cyprus and the G.C.C. (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries.

Rocket® Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) & DevOps solutions meet business demands while improving software quality and developer productivity. Rocket ALM automates an entire software development & delivery process, from the time a request is received through deployment. The system automatically documents and tracks everything that happens, offloading time-wasting administrative tasks from developers, while creating invaluable operational data to enable continuous process improvement. Comprehensive, real-time insight into ALM data, lets DevOps and IT teams collaborate in delivering better software & service to users. Business owners and other non-technical users can view ALM processes from a web portal, simplifying compliance while enforcing separation of duties.

Rocket® Modernization Solutions support businesses to manage, enhance and evolve their host-based legacy applications and infrastructure. LegaSuite and API products, help the organizations deliver intuitive web and mobile applications, by making it easy to transform rigid, green-screen based workflows into outstanding user experiences and at the same time eliminate the time and risk of replacing proven applications and starting from scratch. Additionally, Rocket has brought several innovations to market including: open source languages and tools (such as Git, R, and Python); analytics solutions (including Apache Spark); data virtualization (moving analytics closer to the data); and hybrid cloud connectors for IBM Z and IBM I.

About Rocket Software

Rocket Software was founded in Massachusetts, USA, in April 1990 with a focus on IBM DB2 tools. The company has since expanded its offerings to include analytics, data, storage, applications, and networks software. Rocket’s software runs on multiple platforms and operating systems, including mainframe, IBM z/OS, IBM i, UNIX, Windows and other platforms, while offers tools to access non-SQL data with standard SQL queries.

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