Master Data Management & 360 Solutions

A Master Data Management (MDM) solution is the glue that binds your systems and information together. It’s the single source of truth for your data-driven digital transformation, providing trusted, accurate, complete data for your customer experience program, marketing and sales operations, omnichannel retailing, supply chain optimization, governance efforts, compliance initiatives, and more.

◢   A single view of the data: Create an authoritative view of your business-critical data from disparate, duplicate, and conflicting information sources.

◢   A 360-degree view of the relationships: Identify the relationship insights within your data to locate connections between customers, products, suppliers, and more.

◢   A complete view of all interactions: Link transactions and interactions for a full view of a customer’s behavior.

MDM – Customer 360 empowers teams with a single view of customers, context of customer interactions, and visibility into customer relationships. Its user-friendly interface and configurable dashboard help simplify the end-to-end process of centrally onboarding, strategically managing, visually exploring, and securely sharing information across the customer lifecycle. Designed for business users and data stewards, MDM – Customer 360 is a master data-fueled application built on top of the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform. It combines data quality, data integration, business process management, and data-as-a-service in a single solution delivered in your own IT environment or in the cloud.

◢  Brings the full capabilities of MDM and combines them with the speed and agility of the cloud

◢  Delivers the full features of MDM – Customer 360 along with automated upgrades and fixes for the latest and greatest enhancements, features, and functionality

◢  Accelerates the speed of deployment of MDM – Customer 360, with simple, pay-as-you-go pricing for the capacity you use

◢  Lowers maintenance costs and IT expenses as Informatica assumes the responsibility for IT management of the solution

Tackle complex issues head-on with trusted views of business-critical master data. MDM is a market leading, multidomain solution with complete flexibility to support any master data domain, implementation style and use case—whether on-premises, in the cloud, or both.

✓ Decrease cost of ownership with best-in-class capabilities for data integration, data quality, business process management, and data privacy—integrated into a truly end-to-end MDM solution.

✓ Increase context, understanding, and insight by automatically linking master, transaction, and interaction data relationships, as well as using graph-based visualization and navigation across all master data domains.

✓ Increase productivity with one-click updates to multiple master data records, dynamic data model creation, and collaborative workflows.

✓ Increase productivity using search and pre-configured charts and dashboards with drill-down from summary to details.

✓ Increase time to value with prebuilt solutions such as Customer 360, Customer 360 Insights, Product 360, Supplier 360, and Reference 360, as well as industry accelerators.

✓ Increase accuracy and completeness of master data records with contact data verification and business-to-business and business-to-consumer enrichment services.

✓ Reduce maintenance costs and speed deployment with AI-powered match tuning and rule recommendations.

✓ Increase privacy compliance with access controls and dynamic data masking to ensure that only the right people gain access to data.

Increase operational efficiency and effectiveness with highly accurate, multilanguage identity data. Search systems and databases to discover hidden connections between people.

✓ Uses key-building algorithms in identity resolution to overcome unavoidable variations in identity data

✓ Obtains accurate identity record matches, regardless of country, language, or character set

✓ Uses prebuilt and customizable search strategies to balance performance and comprehensiveness of search

✓ Readily embeds precise search and match capabilities via APIs into third-party or custom-built applications

Reference 360 is a native cloud master data management (MDM) solution preconfigured for managing reference data. Unlock the true value of reference data sets by centrally defining, managing, governing, and sharing.

✓ User-friendly, configurable dashboards help control the quality of reference data sets and govern the complete reference data lifecycle.

✓ MDM and workflows designed to facilitate business self-service for the most demanding initiatives in every industry.

✓ Ensure the high levels of performance, scalability, and productivity needed for reference data.

✓ Built on the industry’s only end-to-end MDM solution with embedded data integration, data quality, business process management, and data security.

AI-powered customer data platform for relevant, contextual customer engagement.

✓ Bring together transaction, interaction, and other data types and manage billions of records across all data sources.

✓ Infer customer attributes, attitudes, lifecycle events, and more from unstructured data using natural language processing (NLP).

✓ Present multiple unique perspectives of the customer and view data differently according to business needs.

✓ Link customer data and create relationships using machine learning, right out of the box.

✓ Visualize relationships, households, social networks, and B2B hierarchies at scale using a graph data store.

✓ Deliver actionable insights and next best recommendations to users via a rich user interface or an API.

Use trusted data to deliver exceptional customer experience with customer MDM. End-to-end customer data management begins with a configurable customer MDM solution designed to create great customer data.

✓ Configurable for business users and data stewards, with the full multidomain capabilities and functionality of Informatica Multidomain MDM.

✓ Onboard, add, edit, and manage data in bulk across the customer lifecycle with full traceability, security, and lineage.

✓ Automate the administrative functions of file structure discovery, data model mapping, and match rule configuration through self-learning technologies.

✓ Navigate, compare, and traverse a variety of relationship views, which include hierarchy, network, and graph structures for discovery of non-obvious connections.

✓ Search and drill down from summary to details of tasks, priorities, and workflows with pre-configured dashboards, filtering capabilities, and workflow KPIs.

✓ Associate consent data and policies with a specific individual or channel, managed in a central location and shared across your applications.

✓ Verify and validate contact data, enrich it, and keep it current with Informatica Data as a Service to engage customers confidently.

✓ Add the most current and complete information about products owned to the customer profile for a multidomain single view.

Integrated data management to maximize the capabilities of Salesforce.

✓ Eradicates duplicate, inaccurate, and incomplete account, person, and contact records. It provides clean, trusted data and a real-time view into the quality and completeness of your Salesforce data through a user-friendly interface. It verifies email, phone, and address information, eliminates duplicates at point of entry, and automatically detects and corrects erroneous data found in your Salesforce organization.

✓ Allows for a more complete view of your customers and prospects with integrated master data management (MDM). It automatically consolidates customer data within Salesforce from multiple cloud and on-premises systems, such as SAP, Oracle EBS, Eloqua, Marketo, and NetSuite. With enriched customer records in Salesforce, it gives your business users the trusted single view of customers they need to focus on building smarter relationships.

✓ Manages multi-dimensional hierarchies. It tailors your views of customer data to meet the different needs of your organization: finance and billing, sales, marketing, legal, and so on. It makes it easier for your teams to identify white space opportunities, create highly relevant up-sell and cross-sell campaigns, and assess how to best interact with customers.

✓ Coordinates multiple Salesforce organizations to support how you go to market. It allows flexibility to either roll-up your data and reporting for sales, marketing, and services into a single global reporting hub, or deploy a master sub org to manage and synchronize business processes across the enterprise. It enables global visibility into your multiple Salesforce organizations used by different lines of business, product teams, or regions.

Empower Master Data-fueled Product Information Management (PIM). Leverage a scalable, flexible PIM solution to manage complex product content and provide a next-gen customer experience.

✓ Provides intuitive and configurable task- and role-based user interfaces that allow easy and efficient collaboration with internal and external data contributors.

✓ Includes embedded digital asset management with fully automated data processing capabilities to easily handle and centrally manage complex product data and large collections of media assets—regardless of format.

✓ Offers editable channel previews and connects with major systems including HCL Commerce, Oracle ATG Web Commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Google, Amazon, Intershop Commerce Suite, and more.

✓ Offers an embedded self-service portal for supplier onboarding and data uploads as well as the Informatica MDM – Supplier 360 application for superior supplier relationship management.

✓ Start small and grow fast -in the cloud or on-premises- by mastering other business-critical data, like customers and suppliers, with applications based on Informatica’s Intelligent Data Platform.

✓ Streamlines and automates the synchronization of product information through data pools, such as the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) within the MDM – Product 360 user interface.

✓ Comes with embedded, automated quality checks and dashboards to ensure all product data is standardized from the beginning.

Strategically manage supplier information with this master data–fueled business application. Streamline vendor, supplier, or service-provider information management based on a trusted view of business-critical data for analytics and operations.

✓ Allow new suppliers to register through the portal and ensure they provide required information.

✓ Easily access and verify relevant information and documents provided by the supplier in order to qualify them for onboarding.

✓ Centrally manage information and validate, verify, and enrich email, address, and phone numbers using Informatica Data as a Service.

✓ Improve supplier collaboration and negotiate better pricing with a complete view of your supplier relationships, including parent companies, subsidiaries or sub-suppliers, and hierarchies.

✓ Allow vendors to upload new product catalogs and leverage the integrated capabilities of Informatica’s MDM – Product 360 to ensure you have suppliers’ most current and complete product information.

✓ Understand who your suppliers’ suppliers are and where services, products, and raw materials are sourced. Configure alerts for business-critical data, updates, or expiring certifications.

✓ Analyze your suppliers’ performance and monitor locations, products supplied, delivery time, invoice status, or onboarding duration.

✓ Use trusted, consistent, and relevant supplier information to fuel other business applications, such as ERP, quotation, invoicing, inventory, or product information management (PIM) systems.

MDM Accelerators help simplify the process of integrating data sources for a unified, trusted view of data.